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30th Annual R&D Webinar: Navigating the Landscape

26th April 2022

Ian Lloyd, Senior Director of Pharmaprojects & Alex Shimmings, Executive Editor – Commercial/R&D, will be sharing their expert insights on the trends shaping the pharma R&D pipeline.

Based on his findings in the Annual Pharma R&D Review, Ian along with Alex discuss:

  • Clinical phase trends
  • Top companies by pipeline size and number of drugs in development
  • Top therapies and therapeutic categories
  • And more


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The Complexity of Disclosure, from 1 Trial to 1,000 [French]

15th October 2021

Clinical trial disclosure requirements are continuously expanding, with an average of two new trial registries going live every year since 2000. Small biotech startups and global pharmaceutical companies face the same growing complexity, and both have to prepare for the launch of CTIS in a few months. Les exigences de divulgation des résultats des essais cliniques ne cessent d'augmenter, avec une moyenne de deux nouveaux registres d'essais ouverts chaque année depuis l’année 2000. Les startups biotechnologiques et les sociétés pharmaceutiques mondiales sont confrontées à la même complexité croissante, et toutes deux doivent se préparer au lancement du CTIS dans quelques mois.

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Global Oncology Opportunities & Trends 2025: Key Markets, Indications and Product  

29th June 2021

Join Pharma Intelligence and our panel of industry experts as they discuss the Global Oncology market, examining the key trends and market opportunities available in the Oncology space over the next few years. We will focus on the top-selling products with patents due to expire soon, opening up the market for new generic opportunities, as well as key deals, and clinical pipeline products for potential in/out licensing partnerships.

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In Vivo/Medtech Insight

Transforming Cancer Treatment With Early Detection Diagnostics: Opportunities And Obstacles

22nd October 2020

Join distinguished cancer and industry experts as they explore what a shift in cancer treatment – from late stage intervention to an early detection paradigm – would mean for patient outcomes, cancer costs, technology, development, regulatory affairs, and more.
Explore this new approach toward focusing on early stage cancer detection, including discussion of diagnostics in this area, such as biomarker identification, liquid biopsies, and monitoring technologies.

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The New Normal for Clinical Trials and Planning for the Future

6th October 2020

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials, the new normal and future pathways to get ahead. Get the latest insights and status on recent clinical trials, the emergence of virtual trials, and what you need to know for success.

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COVID-19 Lessons Learned and a Path Forward

21-22 July 2020

Join Pharma Intelligence experts and key opinion leaders from across Biopharma, MedTech, and healthcare as they discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and what has been learned so far.

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Pharma Intelligence and Signals Analytics

Powering Pharma Intelligence with Advanced Analytics

20th May 2020

Join us as our industry experts explore how these technologies are used by leading pharma and biotech companies to reduce time to insight and deliver successful business outcomes in a world where every minute counts.

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A Review R&D Annual Review

28th April 2020

The pharma industry is moving into a new decade, and Pharmaprojects is here with insights into what we can expect in the year ahead. Join us to examine the trends and pipelines in a new level of granular detail. Get a taste of the direction R&D is heading in the Pharma R&D Annual Review Webinar

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A Decade of Biopharma M&A and Outlook for 2020

16th April 2020

Using M&A activity as a barometer for the overall health of the biopharma industry, we explore biopharma’s biggest deals of the past decade and examine what they may presage for the year to come. Dive into key insights on trends, M&A drivers, companies to watch, and more.

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Clinical Trials Webinar Series

20th & 22nd April 2020

Join Pharma Intelligence experts, R&D analysts and innovators from across Biopharma, academia, and healthcare as they discuss the state of play in the world of pharmaceutical research and development. 

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In Vivo/Scrip

Is Biopharma Fit For the Next Decade?

1st April 2020

Industry experts will share their analysis of the current industry landscape and present their views on the future of biopharma following the impact of COVID-19 on new business opportunities and challenges. 

The analyst will examine:

  • Analysis of biopharma’s 2019 performance
  • Key catalysts for 2020 and beyond
  • Impact of COVID-19 on industry’s outlook 
  • Critical emerging trends and hot topics in biopharma

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2020 Early Outlook Webinar

26th February 2020

Plan your strategy with an exclusive view into major clinical and regulatory milestones and large impact catalysts across a range of indications. Drawing from the intelligence across our Commercial Strategy suite (including Biomedtracker, Datamonitor Healthcare, and Pharmapremia), our analysts will examine:

  • Important near-term milestones, such as PDUFA dates, FDA filings and approval decisions, and top-line data from key clinical trial
  • The impact of these catalysts on overall Likelihood of Approval and sales potential of key therapies
  • Market context for why these critical milestones matter

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Datamonitor Healthcare

Outlook for Nash Therapy and Market Dynamics

31st October 2019

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is poised to become an even greater epidemic and pharma companies of all sizes are competing to be the first to bring a NASH drug to market. Listen to an in-depth discussion about new and repurposed drug exploration treat NASH, as well as deal making, licensing and partnerships activity for the area.

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Medtech Insight

The Digital Health Revolution: Business Trends, Regulations and More

10th October 2019

Subject area experts from the pharma and medical devices industries take you inside the landscape for digital health. Identify trends, spot new opportunities, and plan for the risks associated with this increasingly important area in healthcare.

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Datamonitor Healthcare

Manufacturing Challenges Facing Cell and Gene Therapy

19th September 2019

As more regenerative medicine products approach clinical testing and commercialization, stakeholders in the field are increasingly pressed to address substantial challenges, including pricing and reimbursement, GMP manufacturing, and clinical availability, and patient accessibility to these life changing therapies. 

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Datamonitor Healthcare/Biomedtracker/Pharmapremia

Q3 Outlook Webinar

15 July 2019

Pharma Intelligence presents an essential, free session during which industry analysts present their data-driven views about what to expect during the third quarter of 2019. Using their extensive experience, supported by data from Datamonitor Healthcare, Biomedtracker, and Pharmapremia, the analysts will examine:

  • The projected impacts of important near-term regulatory milestones
  • Upcoming critical reimbursement decisions and their effects
  • Recently-released trial data and its impact on Likelihood of Phase/PDUFA review success, overall Likelihood of Approval, and sales potential of key therapies

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What We Learned From Q1 Pharma Earning Season

23 May 2019

New drug launches have increased over the past couple of years, but few have reached blockbuster status yet. Meanwhile, China’s increasing appetite (and willingness to pay) for therapeutic innovation was a positive for several big pharma companies in the first quarter. Scrip’s webinar takes a deep dive into the key issues and trends emerging from industry earnings calls.

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Datamonitor Healthcare

Global Market Access Trends

9 May 2019

Join subject-matter experts from Datamonitor Healthcare as they use data and their industry experience to examine the challenges and opportunities brought about by recent global trends in market access. Learn how to navigate this complex terrain, as increasingly restrictive pricing and reimbursement policies are having an adverse effect on sales of launched and pipeline products across many global markets.

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Scrip/ Pharmaprojects

Pharma R&D Review: What Changed In 2018, What To Look Out For In 2019

17 April 2019

Watch the Pharma R&D Review: What Changed In 2018,  What To Look Out For In 2019  webinar video recording below:

The drug R&D pipeline in 2019, and how it is changing:

  • Total pipeline size
  • Success stories of 2018
  • Top companies
  • Leading therapies and diseases
  • Mechanisms and targets
  • Biotech vs pharma

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Webinar: Realizing The Opportunity To Increase Quality And Improve Efficiency Of Safety Data Collection Within Patient Support Programs

21 March 2019

Patient Support Programs (PSPs) have changed dramatically over the past decade; they have become global activities, and grown significantly in scale and complexity. While PSPs are also an increasingly valuable resource for pharmacovigilance due to the extensive patient safety data they generate, they have suffered from the traditional lack of standardized mechanisms for recording, reconciling and managing this data, resulting in resource heavy processes, and a lost opportunity for deeper product understanding for Pharma. Fortunately, new technologies are helping to tackle this challenge.

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Datamonitor Healthcare/ Biomedtracker

Q1 Outlook Webinar: Key Catalysts and their Impact on Pharma Markets

27 February 2019

Find out which market-moving events and catalysts to watch for during the upcoming Q1 Outlook Webinar - Key catalysts and their impact on pharma markets.

During this webinar recording, industry analysts from Pharma Intelligence  present their data-based views on what’s in store for key drugs in early 2019.  Discussion include important upcoming events related to these key drugs, their likelihood of phase/PDUFA review success and likelihood of approval, and an examination of the market significance of the drugs themselves.

Highlights include:

The significance of key drugs mentioned in the Early 2019 Outlook Report

  • Top-line trial results, pivotal trial initiations, and expected regulatory filings, reviews, and approval
  • Likelihood of Phase/PDUFA review success, overall Likelihood of Approval, and sales potential of key therapies

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Webinar: What’s the Reality of Real World Evidence?

14 February 2019

The data and analysis for this webinar were drawn from Pink Sheet and Scrip, both part of the Pharma Intelligence suite of intelligence solutions. More than just news, Pink Sheet delivers analysis, and commentary focused on regulatory implications, including high-value perspectives from insiders and thought leaders across the globe – giving regulatory professionals an objective view of how to anticipate challenges, minimize risks, and maximize opportunities for their business. Scrip boasts over 60 journalists and analysts dedicated to bringing you the latest news and insights with everything from licensing, clinical trials, and competitor activity. Hear directly from the newsmakers, leverage best-in-class proprietary data, and follow the latest market developments with a Scrip account.

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Pharma Intelligence

8 November 2018

Q4 Outlook Webinar - Key Catalysts and their Impact on Pharma Markets

Listen to this presentation now for free, and tap into analysis of:

  • Key selections from Biomedtracker’s Q4 2018 Outlook Report, an essential examination of 27 drugs and their expected Q4 2018 catalysts
  • The impact of key catalysts highlighted in the Q4 2018 Outlook Report
  • The impact of current events on the likelihood of Phase/PDUFA review success, overall Likelihood of Approval, and sales potential of key therapies

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How Originator Companies Face Up to the Biosimilar Challenge Webinar Recording

14 November 2018

Listen to the recording now, where Scrip experts will be:

  • Analyzing the exposure of key originator companies to biosimilar competition
  • Considering the different tactics that originators are using in the face of biosimilar competition
  • Examining the situation across global markets, including the regulatory environments
  • Reviewing the first Humira biosimilars to launch in Europe
  • Exploring how the first US biosimilars are trending and the challenging commercial dynamics
  • Providing insights into likely future developments and trends

View webinar recording


Datamonitor Healthcare

Q4 2018 Outlook Webinar

8 November 2018

Understand important upcoming milestones that will impact the likelihood of drug approval or future sales potential for key therapies during a free webinar from Pharma Intelligence, "Q4 Outlook Webinar - Key Catalysts and their Impact on Pharma Markets".

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Meddevicetracker, Medtech Insight

Neuromodulation Device Market - Innovations and Trends

29 October 2018

The large and growing global market for implantable neurostimulation devices is approaching nearly $4 billion worldwide and is one of the highest growth medical device markets today and undergoing significant technological advancement by innovative start-ups and leading medical device companies. Experts from Meddevicetracker and Medtech Insights explored this exciting area in this webinar, which focused on three targeted neuromodulation segments, spinal cord stimulation (SCS), deep brain stimulation (DBS) and vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), looking at the market size, growth, and key players as well as opportunities and key challenges. 

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2017 Completed Clinical Trials: Status Quo or No?

24 July 2018

A completed clinical trial landscape provides a more granular view of how companies are progressing their pipelines and the disease strategies they are pursuing, compared to static pipeline snapshots. Discover the state of last year's completed trials and successes, with a deep dive into the active landscapes of oncology, autoimmune/inflammation, and CNS trials and insights into sponsor drug and disease strategies.

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Datamonitor Healthcare

Japan Pharma Outlook: Strategizing Growth in an Evolving Industry Landscape

20 June 2018

Japan Pharma must navigate complex pressures and opportunities presented by an aging and declining Japanese population, as well as government measures designed to encourage innovation while controlling healthcare spending, to steer a path towards long-term global revenue growth. Gain an inside view from experts on the significant growth potential of the industry, as they examine ten prominent Japanese companies and their strategies to maximize global revenue in the Japan Pharma Outlook webinar.

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Pharma Intelligence with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

RMAT Designation: Impact on Regenerative Medicine Sector &  How it Compares with Other Accelerated Approval Programs

13 June 2018

The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in December 2016, included several key regenerative medicine-specific provisions, one of which led to the creation of the Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapies (RMAT) designation, creating an optimized, accelerated approval program specifically designed with the unique attributes of regenerative medicine products in mind. This webinar, hosted by Pharma Intelligence in partnership with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, explores the significance of this designation and the ongoing interest and support of the FDA to advance this critically important sector.

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Medtech Insights, Meddevicetracker

Robotic Surgery 4.0 Innovative Robotic Assisted Systems & their Applications

6 June 2018

Robotic surgery is revolutionizing the patient experience and as technology advances, competition in the robotic surgery devices space is growing exponentially. Take a closer look at the expanding robotic surgery market during this webinar from Medtech Insight and Meddevicetracker: Robotic Surgery 4.0: Innovative Robotic Assisted Systems & Their Applications.

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Pharma Intelligence

ASCO Essentials Webinar 2018 Recording

23 May 2018

Just in time for your 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting planning, join analysts from Datamonitor Healthcare, Biomedtracker, Citeline, Scrip, and Pink Sheet for their expert opinions on what you need to know to get the most from the meeting

Let our experts present their top picks from the thousands of abstracts being presented at ASCO

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Citeline's Pharmaprojects

Pharma R&D review Webinar

16 May 2018

Keep in tune with the current landscape for pharma R&D with this free, information-packed webinar recording from Pharma Intelligence. In the Global Pharma R&D Review webinar, our experts hit all the right notes as they use a music theme to explore key issues affecting R&D today, and offer a glimpse of what the rest of 2018 may look like.

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Pharma Intelligence

Companion Diagnostics Webinar

15 May 2018

Companion diagnostics are poised to be a huge growth area worldwide, with a CAGR of 20.1% over the next 5 years, making it a $6B industry by 2022. Learn more about this important, emerging area with the Companion Diagnostics Webinar recording from Pharma Intelligence.

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Partnership shared expertise and technology to optimize study planning webinar

24 April 2018

The 9th Annual SCOPE (Summit for Clinical Trials Operations Executives) Summit has concluded: join industry expert and clinical trial planning thought leader Loni Branon as she hosts a follow-up to this important annual event, where Pharma Intelligence hosted a launch party for our exciting new Citeline platform. In collaboration with guest speakers from Bayer and ICON, our presenters share insights on how combining expertise with trusted partners, along with a few simple tech tools, can streamline the study start up journey.

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Datamonitor Healthcare

HIV Market Growth webinar

19 April 2018

Mr. Haydock & Mr. Haas used the exclusive information within Datamonitor Healthcare and Biomedtracker to present a view of the market for HIV drugs. Pharma Intelligence forecasts HIV sales revenues to increase in the US and five major EU markets to a peak of $22.7bn in 2024 before generic erosion triggers a market decline.

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Datamonitor Healthcare

Dyslipidemia Market Overview

31 January 2018

Important changes are coming to the Dyslipidemia market in the coming months and years, with Datamonitor Healthcare forecasting sales from the US dyslipidemia market to rise to $22.3bn in 2025. Stay in the loop by registering for the upcoming webinar from Biomedtracker and Datamonitor Healthcare.

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Datamonitor Healthcare

Biosimilars Development in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

 11 October 2017

The Pharma Intelligence webinar recording, "Biosimilars Development in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases", is now available to watch. We hope you find the recording of the webinar helpful in gaining insight into the factors driving the biosimilars market for blockbuster drug trials helpful. 

View webinar recording

Citeline's Sitetrove

Choice Not Chance: How to Mitigate the Risk of Selecting a Non-Enrolling Site for your Clinical Trial

19 September 2017

Patient recruitment into clinical trials is a challenging endeavor with 1 in 10 sites, on average, failing to enroll a single patient into a trial. Learn about strategies to help reduce the chance of selecting a non-enrolling site by viewing the webinar recording below. 

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Citeline's Trialtrove

2016 Clinical Trials Roundup

20 September 2017

The Clinical Trials Roundup provides an annual view of the trial landscape of the year just past, dissecting the data by therapeutic area, phase, disease, company, and more. Watch the recording of "2016 Clinical Trials Roundup: The Next Generation" to gain insight into competitive drug development strategies, presented to you by Citeline's Trialtrove, part of the Pharma Intelligence family of tools. 

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Medtech Insights

Heart Valve Disorder and Management Markets

21 September 2017

We’d like to now invite you to download a free recording of this webinar, which offers critical insights and updates into the rapidly growing heart valve devices market.

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Medtech Insight, In Vivo

The Trump Era: Challenges and Opportunities in Pharma and Medtech Policy

27 July 2017

The Trump Era: Challenges and Opportunities in Pharma and Medtech Policy, presented by senior expert analysts from Pharma Intelligence. We hope you found the session to be an insightful and informative view into the implications of the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency upon the pharma and medtech industries.

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Oncology Success Rates

21 July 2017

Learn more about benchmarking, and the successes, or lack of success, in oncology drug development in the webinar "Oncology Success Rates", presented by: Robert Jeng, Senior Scientific Analyst, Will Akie, Product Manager for Pharmapremia, and Ellen Moore of Pharma Consulting.

View webinar recording


Citeline's Trialtrove

2016 Completed Clinical Trials: Industry Strategies Revealed and Graded 

17 July 2017

Delving into clinical trial completions provides additional insight that support comparisons of companies' strategies and performances. Using exclusive data from Citeline's Trialtrove, part of the Pharma Intelligence suite of tools, our analysts will go beyond the numbers and dig into the granular details and their implications. 

View webinar recording


Datamonitor Healthcare

Big Pharma Outlook 2026  

03 July 2017

Big Pharma is poised for growth due to strong launch portfolios, the availability of high-potential pipeline assets, and companies’ sharpened focus on high-performing markets. Watch the Big Pharma Outlook webinar recording below and discover how Big Pharma will navigate challenging times for the industry in order to steer towards robust growth.

View webinar recording


Datamonitor Healthcare

From R&D Investment to Externalization: Where is the Pharma Industry Maximizing Value?

13 June 2017

In the developing pharma landscape, it's important to consider all variables to create a winning portfolio strategy. Pharmaceutical companies are attempting to maximize value from all angles, including internal investment in R&D and externalization via deal-making. Learn more about these two models in the webinar recording below.

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Datamonitor Healthcare, RxScorecard

Market Access & Reimbursement: Inside the Payer Perspective on Multiple Myeloma

08 June 2017

The multiple myeloma market is evolving, with new therapies and questions about the future of care. Learn about the current  assessment payers use for therapies, as well as the significant changes we were seeing in this market during "Market Access & Reimbursement: Inside the Payer Perspective on Multiple Myeloma."

View webinar recording


Citeline's Pharmaprojects

R&D Annual Review Webinar

17 May 2017

In this annual look at the evolution of pharma R&D, we will discuss the industry trends by examining the pipeline by company, therapeutic area, disease, target, and drug type, using data from Pharmaprojects.

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Citeline's Sitetrove

Winter is coming: Clinical Trial and Site Selection Optimization for Seasonal Respiratory Vaccines

06 December 2016

Get a view of the clinical trial landscape while discovering strategies to optimize site selection within the unique area of developing seasonal respiratory vaccines, including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and influenza.

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Medtech Insight, Meddevicetracker, In Vivo

21 September 2016

Listen to Amanda Maxwell, Regulatory Affairs Editor, David Filmore, Executive Editor, and Ashley Yeo, Principle Analyst as they focus on medtech regulation and the key changes that are likely to impact the industry in the coming months/years.

View webinar recording


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