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Pharma Intelligence offers a wealth of pharmaceutical industry news and strategic insight into the healthcare & biotechnology markets from around the world. Working in an interconnected global network, our 50 journalists and over 300 in-house analysts supply comprehensive analysis and reports.


We’re the trusted partner of more than 3,000 companies including the top 50 pharma firms and top 10 contract research organizations. Equip your business with the right intelligence tools to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest news and are well informed of key regulatory changes affecting your organization.



Scrip  - Global Pharma Business News

Get the latest biotech and pharma commercial news from Scrip with best-in-class proprietary data from a global team of analysts. From licensing, to clinical trials, to competitor activity, Scrip is essential for anyone making commercial decisions in the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more about Scrip’s Global Pharma News service.


Pink Sheet – Pharmaceutical Regulation and Policy

Stay compliant with Pink Sheet and enhance your business opportunities with unparalleled access to global pharmaceutical regulatory expertise. Successfully navigate the complex worlds of compliance, legislation, policy, regulation, and industry developments with the expertise of our global network of expert analysts and journalists. Find out more about Pink Sheet with in-depth insight into Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs.


In Vivo – Pharmaceutical and Medtech Industry Trends

Obtain key insights into the latest pharmaceutical and healthcare trends across the biopharma, medtech and diagnostics industries from In Vivo. Get a window into what the key players in the biopharma, medtech, and diagnostics industries are thinking. Find out more about In Vivo and its key insights into the Latest Pharmaceutical Trends.

Generics Bulletin - Generics, Biosimilars and Value-added medicines Industry News

A comprehensive and dependable information source of information industry leaders have relied on for the last 15 years to stay on top of the latest regulatory, legal, market and commercial developments to anticipate potential threats and identify new opportunities across the off-patent medicines sector. Find out more about Generic and Biosimilar industry news.

Medtech Insight – Medical Technology News

Medtech Insight provides analysis and diagnostic developments in medical technology news from opinion leaders across the globe. Discover the latest in innovation, investment trends and shifts in industry dynamics, gaining insight into the breakthrough technologies that will impact the industry. Find out more about Medtech Insights and the latest Medical Technology News.

HBW Insight – Comprehensive Consumer Healthcare News

Connecting the dots across 3 different but intersecting sectors: OTC medicines, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, and Cosmetics. Helping you to anticipate the implications of worldwide regulatory, legislative and commercial industry developments across the consumer healthcare industry on your business. Find out more about Consumer Healthcare news.



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Personalized Medicine:

Success rates are higher for clinical trials that incorporate selective pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics (PGX) biomarkers, according to data from Trialtrove. Click to read more...



US payers are expecting biosimilar manufacturers to offer significant discounts versus the originator price – as much as 40%-50% lower . Click to read more...


Biosimilar sponsors are 0-3 so far in attempts to win US FDA approval for copies of Amgen’s pegfilgrastim (Neulasta). Click to read more...



The clinical potential of immuno-oncology drugs does not seem to be reflected in approaches by health technology assessment bodies. Click to read more...


Digital Space:

The pharmaceutical industry may have pioneered some great science, but when it comes to digital health it has been behind the curve. As patients and payers open up to the idea pharma. Click to read more...



Pharma Pipeline 2017:

The Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries’ R&D performance can be measured in a number of ways. Here is a look at its worldwide output of novel drug launches for 2016 and total pipeline size in 2017. Click to read more...


Orphan Drug Pricing:

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review is launching an initiative to adapt its value assessment approach to orphan and ultra-orphan drugs. Click to read more...


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