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Citeline is the world’s most comprehensive provider of real-time R&D intelligence to the pharmaceutical industry, featuring an unmatched data collection of global clinical trials, vetted investigators and trial sites and drug development pipelines.

Our data is curated by the industry’s largest team of expert analysts, making Citeline the most trusted source of R&D intelligence on the market.

With over 30,000 users, our data supports strategic decisions across the lifecycle of drug development, informing both commercial and clinical strategies. Our analysts work with clients to support clinical planning activities including protocol design, country feasibility, enrollment benchmarking and site identification and selection, while our trial engagement solutions enhance your efforts to raise trial awareness, educate HCPs and patients, and accelerate trial enrollment. 


Design on time and on budget trials with the world’s most comprehensive, up-to-date, and trusted source of pharmaceutical clinical trial data and intelligence.
Revolutionize your investigator and site selection process utilizing our comprehensive suite of intel to accurately assess target locations, identify qualified investigators with relevant patients, and prioritize candidates to make your trial a success.
The industry’s most trusted drug development database for over 40 years and the go-to resource for analyzing global drug research and development trends across all disease areas from preclinical to launch.
Engage with healthcare professionals and hospital networks to gain expert insight into study planning and feasibility, identify and pre-qualify investigators and sites with relevant patients for your trial, and educate and raise awareness of your upcoming or ongoing studies.  
Accelerate your clinical trial cycle times by selecting more sites that successfully enroll patients, using a platform that combines subject matter expertise with machine learning, to rapidly provide predictive insights for feasibility planning.
The industry’s only all-in-one clinical trial recruitment platform that accelerates trial enrollment via innovative technology and services allowing you to educate, recruit and enroll in a pay-for-performance model.
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“Please tell the design team that this is very much appreciated. Site Hierarchy will save lots of time since users like me had to guess on parent grouping before this. Appreciate it!”

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