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The most frequent cause of trial failure stems from the inability to meet patient enrollment goals. Revolutionize your investigator and site selection process utilizing Sitetrove’s comprehensive suite of intel, including specialty qualifications, historical trial experience, current competitive commitments and up-to-date contact details, all verified and confirmed by one of our expert analysts.

With over 500,000 investigators and more than 180,000 clinical trial sites spanning 185 countries, Sitetrove brings you the vital information you need to accurately assess target locations, identify qualified investigators, and prioritize candidates to make your trial a success.


Icons_Pharma_Arrow_up_SolidPink_RGB Identify verified investigators and assess experience and competitive engagements
Leverage our validated prioritization mechanism to rank investigator results into tiers
Analyze real world data to understand patient access and better inform selection 
Evaluate key metrics at both the organization and parent organization levels



Prioritize your investigators using our proprietary algorithm and ensure you are considering individuals with the highest probability of performing well, on average and as a group, in a specific disease area. Real world patient data further enriches the selection process, ensuring you are employing investigators with strong patient connections.


With our industry-leading platform you can:

  • Quickly build targeted searches to make data-driven site and investigator selections
  • Receive notifications of trial status changes for your investigators and monitor new investigator ties to competitor studies
  • Summarize and analyze your results in one dynamic, interactive visual
  • Customize your results table and easily share information across your organization
  • Get direct access to our leading expert analysts through our ‘Ask the Analyst’ service



You can also access Sitetrove via our Investigators & Organizations API so you can integrate, connect, and deliver multiple sources of information in real-time.

Sitetrove also offers seamless integration with Trialtrove and Pharmaprojects, our clinical trials and drug development intelligence solutions.



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“Please tell the design team that this is very much appreciated. Site Hierarchy will save lots of time since users like me had to guess on parent grouping before this. Appreciate it!”

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