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As an industry, we spend time, money, and resources to enroll participants in clinical trials. Despite these efforts, 7 out of 10 patients will screen fail. What’s worse, a quarter of all clinical studies close because they fail to meet enrollment goals — all while viable recruiting partners are left on the sidelines.

Citeline Connect connects the dots between patients and clinical trials

Citeline Connect is an end-to-end trial education, enrollment and recruiting platform that accelerates study startup, drives engagement, and enables community and communication surrounding your clinical trials.

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Engage and Educate Patients Around Clinical Trials

Build a bridge to patients with a user-friendly, high-impact clinical Trial Website. Visually appealing and patient-centric, your Trial Website makes it easier for the public to find, share, enroll, and stay engaged in your clinical trials.

  • Aligned to your brand design & vision
  • Data synced automatically from
  • Interactive Trial Finder and site location map
  • Patient-friendly trial educational content

Pre-Screen and Direct Qualified Participants to Sites

With Citeline Connect’s pre-screening technology you empower prospective participants to quickly assess their eligibility online. Once qualified, their contact information is directly passed to the right person at the right study site, creating a seamless experience that prevents delays and increases enrollment success.

  • Create pre-screener questionnaires with our easy-to-use tool
  • Measure referral and randomization performance
  • Monitor study site status, volume and response times
  • Improve referral quality to reduce burden on site staff

Build and Communicate with Your Clinical Trial Community

Allow participants and the general public to subscribe to a HIPAA-compliant communications list, enabling you to send trial-specific and community-wide notifications via email. 

  • Communicate via a secure and HIPAA-compliant portal
  • Monitor email activity and community engagement
  • Send segmented notifications and trial documents such as Plain Language Summaries
  • Develop a curated community of current and prospective trial participants

Drive Patient Referrals from 75+ Organizations

Citeline Connect is built on an industry-first patient referral collective. We use data, technology, and teamwork to better connect sponsors with over 75 diverse and pre-vetted recruitment partners to simultaneously find, refer and screen highly qualified trial participants.

  • Accelerate enrollment
  • Diversify participant pool
  • Pay for performance
  • Measure results

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Citeline Connect connects the dots between patients and trials.

Citeline Connect is an industry-first patient referral collective. We use data, technology, and teamwork to better connect sponsors with a collective of recruitment partners to accelerate clinical trial enrollment in a pay-for-performance model.


Behind it all is the experience, knowledge, and industry savvy that make us the world’s leading provider of clinical trials intelligence in the competitive pharmaceutical industry.


Study Sponsors

Open up more opportunities for patients to discover your trial

Choose collaboration over competition

Citeline Connect brings together key stakeholders — sponsors, recruitment partners, healthcare organizations, and patient/disease advocacy groups — to better match patients to clinical trials. This enables sponsors to:

  • Broaden  your recruitment funnel
  • Optimize and accelerate enrollment
  • Pay for performance


Minimize risk, maximize success

Approximately 85% of clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients. The odds are stacked against you, so it makes sense to boost your chances with Citeline Connect. Our patient recruitment collective features vetted recruitment partners who refer patients to your trials through the platform. With Citeline Connect, you also control who sees your eligibility criteria and site information, protecting your competitive edge.

  • Don’t limit yourself to one or two recruitment partners
  • Set your own referral fees for each trial
  • Pay only per patient referred or randomized

Reduce site burden


Easing your administrative burden and meeting enrollment objectives do not have to be mutually exclusive

  • Fast-track ideal candidates with built-in patient prescreeners
  • Track the source of each patient referral
  • Automate compensation to referral partners

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Recruitment Partners

Earn revenue by accessing more recruiting opportunities

More recruitment opportunities. Less stress.

As a patient recruitment partner, you know that winning sponsor business isn’t easy. You spend a significant amount of time and resources building relationships, responding to RFPs, getting vetted, signing paperwork — all just to win one paid recruitment opportunity. Then the work begins all over again. Citeline Connect offers a more efficient approach:

  • Go through the vetting process one time only
  • Sign one contract with Citeline Connect, vs. individual sponsors
  • Avoid complex system integrations with our easily accessible portal

Sponsor access, granted

You have patients who are interested in participating in clinical research. But without sponsor access, you lack the incentive, data, or technology you need to make a meaningful connection between a patient and a trial.

  • Enjoy a steady stream of opportunities with complete trial information
  • Choose the trials that best fit your patient populations
  • Use sponsor’s built-in patient prescreeners to produce quality referrals

Don’t chase patients. Or payments.

Imagine a world where you never have to ask another referral, “Did you enroll in that trial?” A world where you never hire a call center, send manual emails, or pick up a phone for follow-up.

  • See the status of all your referrals at a glance
  • Trust built-in verification processes of referrals
  • Automatic payment upon patient enrollment

Citeline Connect is simply another channel to do more of what you already do — and do it better.


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Meet the team


Darcy Grabenstein

Management, Senior Manager of Content Strategy, Pharma Intelligence
Darcy Grabenstein

Darcy specializes in

  • Clinical Trials

9+ years of experience

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