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Citeline Connect HCP Awareness services use real-world data and a network of 1.7M healthcare providers in the US to help you strategically target the right patient populations

With 70% of the public willing to participate in clinical research, raising awareness among physicians can make sure potential participants discover your trial.  


Looking to further your reach? Access a worldwide audience through our extended network of global physicians spanning a vast number of therapeutic areas. You can even leverage these audiences for advice on strategic planning, to optimize your protocol design, or to pre-qualify potential new investigators or sites.  


Engage and educate a targeted HCP audience to raise awareness for planned and ongoing studies

Identify and pre-qualify investigators and sites with relevant patients for your trial
Gather study design input and recommendations from verified healthcare professionals
Leverage a dedicated team of Clinical Research Managers with extensive site management experience



Citeline Connect goes beyond your traditional workflow. We activate multiple channels for patients and HCPs to find your clinical trial and provide targeted support to enhance trial planning, awareness, and execution. Our global network of healthcare providers combined with real-world data allows us to identify the best physician audience for your trial. And our team of Clinical Research Managers will work hand in hand with you to develop and execute an outreach strategy and relay critical project updates.




With Citeline Connect HCP awareness services, you can: 

  • Differentiate your study from other enrolling trials with targeted 1:1 HCP communications 
  • Reach physicians outside of your traditional network 
    Optimize trial protocols
  • Capitalize on HCP connections to patient populations 
  • Leverage physicians’ expertise to guide strategic planning and protocol design 


A subset of the real-world data we use in Citeline Connect services is seamlessly integrated into Sitetrove through the Patient Proximity feature. You can also access this data via our Patient Proximity API so you can integrate, connect and deliver multiple sources of information in real-time.



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